Maintenance services

From small businesses to medium enterprises, we are happy to provide services for network and server operations, deployments, redesigns or just plain old troubleshooting!

We could tell you how great outsourcing is, but it really depends on your unique circumstances, so we’ll refrain, but are happy to discuss.

Our experience includes:

  • Windows server (2000 – 2016)
  • Windows clients (2000 – 10)
  • Linux servers (firewalls, file servers, proxies, etc.)
  • BSD servers (FreeNAS, pfSense)
  • Cisco, HP and small business network appliances


Professional grade network devices

For businesses who need highly secure and trustworthy devices, professional grade network devices are the way to go. While consumer grade (Asus, Acer, …) devices are fine for home use, they won’t receive the ongoing software updates available from Cisco, HP and a few other vendors. With FIPS, NIST and other certifications, you can be sure and you can prove that your network only uses approved and trusted security technologies.

The lifetime of these devices is also simply superior to any home product: a Cisco access point or router will easily operate for a decade or more.

While we recommend new devices, D8NS supplies refurbished units as needed, covered by our warranty.